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Achievements are badges of honor for accomplishing certain goals in a nation. Achievements don't provide any mechanical benefits, however they are saved between nations. Achievement requirements can be found in the game file
Icon Achievement Description Requirements
Achievement Economic Economic Miracle You have proven yourself to be the worker of economic miracles. The country is truly an industrial and financial force to be reckoned with you at the helm, other countries sneer with envy at the economic wonders you have created. A GDP over 95% and an Unemployment rate under 15%.
Achievement Socialist Socialist Paradise True socialism has been achieved at last! None of your citizens considers themselves poor or left behind, equality is near-universal, and the Marxist dream of a socialist utopia has been achieved thanks to your leadership! Equality over 90% ,a Poverty rate under 20% and lowest Working Week as possible.
Achievement Environment Green and Pleasant Land The days of pollution, smog and waste are banished forever, as we hail the arrival of the green utopia! Clean air and sustainable industry is the order of the day, and we are doing our bit to fight global climate change. Air Quality over 90% and CO2 Emissions under 20%.
Achievement Technology Technological Superiority I for one welcome our cybernetic overlords! Our economy is so high tech we are just months away from flying cars and personal jet-packs. Our citizens are now all e-citizens, or even better, iCitizens. All hail our technology!
Achievement Security Crime Free Utopia The crime rate is now so low people have forgotten what it really means. Pretty much everyone now leaves their front doors unlocked as a matter of habit, whilst we look on aghast at the crime-infested hell-holes beyond our utopias borders. Crime and Violent Crime rates under 5%.
Achievement Religion God's Kingdom A more pious state is hard to imagine, a record number of our citizens now conduct themselves the way that god intended. Truly we have built heaven here on earth, for our citizens are happy for church and state to become almost as one. 80% of the population must be Religious, Faith School Subsidies must get over 95% funding, and the country must favor Creationism over evolution at least by a small amount, add the "Ban sunday shoping" policy must be enabled. (only for 1 turn)
Achievement Loyalty One-Party State Party membership has reached such high levels that we now have total dominance over politics in this country. To be anyone of consequence you must be a member of 'the party'. Loyalty to the party, and the state, is everything! A 60% membership rate in the player's political party.
Surveillance society Everywhere our people go, we have them under observation. We see and hear everything. Remember citizen, you have nothing to fear… ID Cards, CCTV Cameras, Intelligence Services, Internet Censorship, Phone Tapping, Prisoner Tagging, Speed Cameras, and Police Drones policies must all be above 50% funding for at least four turns.
Achievement Control Police State Attention citizen! Your papers please! And you better hope they are in order, because a total police state like this does not tolerate insubordination by mere citizens. All hail total law enforcement! 90% funding in the country's Police Force and active Wire Tapping, CCTV Cameras, Armed Police, ID Cards, Death Penalty, and Detention Without Trial policies.
Icon Achievement Description Requirements


You certainly have the stamina for politics, you have been working away in your office for so long now that it's almost time to start the next days work!Edit


You must have played the game for at least 2 hours in one sitting.

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