A nation's Alcohol Law is an uncancellable policy that involves sale and consumption of alcohol within the nation.

A lenient alcohol law is favored by both Liberals and Drinkers while a strict law improves Productivity and Lifespan and decreases the number of drinkers. Although most nations have a balanced law (allowing alcohol to be sold and drank only after a citizen has reached a certain age), some nations may opt to ban alcohol completely while others may do away with any restriction on alcohol.


At 0%, there's no restrictions (even age limits) against alcoholic consumption.

At 20%, the minimum age for alcoholic consumption is 16.

At 40%, the minimum age for alcoholic consumption is 18.

At 60%, the minimum age for alcoholic consumption is 21.

At 80%, along with a high minimum age, the only alcoholic drinks allowed are low strength beers.

At 100%, very strong restrictions - possibly including total prohibition - are placed on alcoholic consumption.

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