Business Startup Campaign is an economy policy in Democracy 3 DLC Social Engineering.

Description Edit

Many people have brilliant ideas, yet only a few of them dare to take the steps neccessary to set up their own little business around their idea. This campaign will help these people out, informs them what they need to do, where they need to go and what permits they need to get. This will help a great deal and make self employed people happy.

Political Capital Edit

Introduction cost Edit


Cancel cost Edit


Raise cost Edit


Lower cost Edit


Costs Edit

20 to 75

Implementation Time Edit


Effects Edit

Voter groups Edit

  • Self Employed happiness, +10% to +13%
  • Self Employed membership, +0% to +12%, 16 inertia
  • Capitalist happiness, +0% to +3%, 4 inertia

Simulation values Edit

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