Commuters are a voter group.

Commuters are people who have to travel a fair distance from home to work. Commuting is stressful and unpopular; most people don't want to be in this voter group and want their commutes to be as short and easy as possible. Because of this, commuters support public transportation policies and want as little Traffic Congestion as possible.


Commuters can't be retired.


Bus Subsidies and Rail Subsidies will convince more people to commute to work while high unemployment rates and a Telecommuting Initiative will lead to less commuters.

Other GroupsEdit

Commuters have a rivalry with the more recreational-minded motorists; while commuters favor systems of mass transportation in order to get to and from work quickly and efficiently, motorists opposes buses and train tracks for taking up road space.

Pressure GroupsEdit

Commuters don't have their own pressure group.

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