Compulsory Food Labelling is a public services policy in Democracy 3 DLC Social Engineering.

Description Edit

There is plenty of food out there that is not healthy, but companies have found clever ways to obscure that by making it look extra tasty or put the ingredients list in smallest print. This is now over with Compulsory Food Labelling: All foods must now display all the ingredients and additives in it, making it easier for people to choose the food they want to eat while remaining healthy.

Political Capital Edit

Introduction cost Edit


Cancel cost Edit


Raise cost Edit


Lower cost Edit


Costs Edit

30 to 120

Implementation Time Edit


Effects Edit

Voter groups Edit

Simulation values Edit

  • Obesity, -2% to -5%, 12 inertia
  • Health, +2% to +5%, 8 inertia
  • GDP, -0% to -1%, 8 inertia

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