Farmers are a voter group.

Farmers seem to represent not only agricultural workers but anyone who lives and works in a rural area. Farmers support government subsidies and grants that involve agriculture and oppose any limits on hunting or intrusions of the city into rural land.


Farmers can't be commuters or retired.


Agriculture Subsidies, Biofuel Subsidies, an Organic Subsidy, and Rural Development Grants will all encourage people to become farmers.

Other GroupsEdit

Farmers have little interaction with other groups, but tend to agree with the Poor, Socialists, and Environmentalists (except on animal rights issues like hunting, fishing, and animal welfare). They occasionally have friction with Capitalists who want to expand into rural land.

Pressure GroupEdit

Poor farmers who are dissatisfied with their nation's policies for too long may join the violent Farmers Alliance pressure group.

In Democracy 3, dissatisfied farmers - especially poor ones - may join the Farmers Society to make their demands heard and, if ignored, may radicalize and join the Land Army.

Happiness Edit

Simulation values Edit

Policies Edit

Situations Edit

Income Edit

Simulation values Edit

  • Agricultural Efficiency, -35% to +35%

Policies Edit

  • Agriculture Subsidies, +0% to +35%
  • Agro-dealer Networks, +0% to +10%, 16 inertia
  • Biofuel Subsidies, +0% to +9%
  • Food Stamps, +0% to +3%
  • Organic Farming Subsidy, +0% to +10%

Situations Edit

  • Desertification, -0% to -30%, 8 inertia
  • Mass Urbanization, -0% to -30%, 8 inertia