Farmland Acquisition Program is a foreign policy policy in Democracy 3 DLC Clones and Drones.

Description Edit

We have to acquire fertile lands to stabilize the food supply of our country. The ministry for foreign affairs brokers deals with developing nations. Our expenses support nations stuck in poverty, while the crops we can grow on those country's fertile soil reduce the food price significantly. Environmentalists and Liberals liken it to new colonialism.

Implementation time Edit


Political capital Edit

Introduction cost Edit


Cancel cost Edit


Raise cost Edit


Lower cost Edit


Potential cost Edit

2400 to 6600, lowered by up to 15% by Foreign Relations

Potential income Edit


Effects Edit

  • Environmentalist opinion (-7% to -15%)
  • Farmer opinion (-10% to -28%)
  • Farmer earnings (-5% to -19%, 4 inertia)
  • Farmer membership (-7% to -19%, 8 inertia)
  • Food Price (0% to -21%, 8 inertia)
  • Patriot opinion (3% to 10%)
  • Liberal opinion (-5% to -10%)

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