Female Genital Mutilation is a negative welfare situation in Democracy 3 Africa.

Description Edit

The act of female genital mutilation is prevalent in our society. Genital mutilation is a dangerous ritual inflicted on women to remove some or all of their external genitalia, severely degrading their sexual health. The practice is rooted in gender inequality, as patriarchies attempt to control female sexuality. Female genital mutilation is perpetuated with the threat of social exclusion if the cutting procedure is rejected.

Warning Edit

A worrying report indicates that the act of female genital mutilation has become prevalent. The propagation of this brutal practice is a symptom of extreme gender inequality.

All Clear Edit

As gender inequality has been reduced, we are glad to see the practice of female genital mutilation eliminated in our society.

Start Trigger Edit


Stop Trigger Edit


Causes Edit

Country specific modifiers Edit

  • Egypt, 91%
  • Ghana, 5%
  • Kenya, 30%
  • Nigeria, 29%
  • Senegal, 30%

Simulation values Edit

Policies Edit

Effects Edit

Voter groups Edit

Simulation values Edit

Event chance Edit

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