HIV/AIDS is a situation in Democracy 3 Africa. Its main causes are high violent crime rate and low education. It causes reduced health, increased state health service costs, reduced membership of the elderly faction and a big opinion hit with everyone. It can be eliminated by reducing violent crime, legalizing prostitution, and increasing education, state health service funding, private health care, and foreign aid received.

100% violent crime = 20% HIV/AIDS

0% education = 10% HIV/AIDS

40% education = 0% HIV/AIDS

100% education = -30% HIV/AIDS

100% state health service = -30% HIV/AIDS

100% private health service = -30% HIV/AIDS

100% foreign aid received = -50% HIV/AIDS

100% legalise prostitution = -15% HIV/AIDS

100% HIV/AIDS = -100% health, -50% elderly membership, -50% opinion of everyone

Description Edit

HIV is a devastating virus, degrading the immune system of those infected with it. There is a significant incidence of HIV in the population, and the virus will continue to be transmitted through the sharing of bodily fluids, with no known cure. A sustained campaign of treatment, education and prevention is required to contain this deadly disease.

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