Malaria is a negative welfare situation in Democracy 3 Africa.

Description Edit

Malaria is a life-threatening, debilitating disease, caused by Plasmodium parasites in a person's blood. These parasites are transmitted by female Anopheles mosquitoes when they bite humans. There is no vaccine for Malaria, but the disease can be prevented or cured when treated with medication. A sustained campaign of treatment, education and prevention is required to contain this destructive disease.

Start Trigger Edit


Stop Trigger Edit


Causes Edit

Mission specific Edit

Simulation values Edit

Policies Edit

Effects Edit

Voter groups Edit

  • Elderly membership, -0% to -50%, 16 inertia
  • Everyone happiness, -0% to -30%

Simulation values Edit

Policies Edit

  • State Health Service cost, +10% to +25%

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