Mass Urbanization is a transport situation in Democracy 3 Africa.

Description Edit

The rate at which people are moving from rural areas into urban areas is extremely high, leaving rural areas sparsely populated. Access to more developed jobs markets, as well as better, centralized services is drawing our rural citizens to our towns and cities.

Warning Edit

Mass urbanization is occurring, as large numbers of citizens move from rural areas into towns and cities.

All Clear Edit

The flow of people from rural to urban areas has slowed, stabilizing the rural population.

Start Trigger Edit


Stop Trigger Edit


Causes Edit

Simulation values Edit

Dilemmas Edit

  • Housing Expansion, Relax planning law, -10%
  • Housing Expansion, Keep planning restrictions, +10%

Effects Edit

Voter groups Edit

  • Rural happiness, -0% to -30%
  • Rural income, -0% to -30%, 8 inertia

Simulation values Edit

  • Poverty, +0% to +30%, scales with Rural percentage of population.

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