A nation's Poverty rate indicates the number of citizens who are unable to afford the necessities to live adequate lives. A high poverty rate leads to more poor citizens, increased rates of Crime, and widespread Racial Tension. The severity of poverty is also a factor in a president's relations with the poor; any poverty rate below 55% will improve relations with the poor while poverty rates of 55% or more will quickly drop relations. Since poverty increases the number of poor people to begin with, a high rate of poverty can quickly fill a nation with angry, impoverished voters.

Poverty is a negative welfare simulation value in Democracy 3.

Description Edit

One of the most widely used measures of comparison between nations. The poverty level is periodically reassessed, but all nations should strive to get their poverty rate as low as possible.

Causes Edit

Default Edit


Simulation values Edit

Situations Edit

Policies Edit

Effects Edit

Voter groups Edit

  • Poor happiness, +30% to -70% (0% at 55%)
  • Socialist happiness, -35% to -0%

Simulation values Edit

Situations Edit

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