Private Healthcare is a public services simulation value in Democracy 3.

Description Edit

The size of the private healthcare sector. This will arise naturally from supply and demand, and be boosted in boom times, but can be reduced by providing a decent state health care system instead. The downside with private health care is that the poorest in society can not afford it, and may also avoid treatment until it becomes essential in order to save costs.

Causes Edit

Simulation values Edit

  • GDP, +0% to +40%, 4 inertia

Policies Edit

Effects Edit

Voter groups Edit

  • Low earnings, -0% to -15%, 4 inertia
  • Middle earnings, -0% to -8%, 4 inertia
  • Retired happiness, +0% to +16%
  • Trade Unionist happiness, -0% to -10%

Simulation values Edit

Situations Edit

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