Having a Space Program is a policy where the government invests in space-based research and exploration.

Space programs can be very expensive to run, but they're seen as a mark of national pride, pleasing the Patriots and helping to increase their numbers. Since they employ government workers, space program funding pleases the State Employees and can help reduce Unemployment. Finally, funding astronomy and space exploration provides a boost in Technology and reduces the number of religious voters.

A hight enough expending, during a long enough time will trigger the Weather Prediction Technology.

Strategy Edit

At 7% and under, the "space program" simply consists of government scientists using telescopes.

At 8% to 24%, the space program uses bigger telescopes, such as observatories.

At 25% to 42%, the space program will use large telescopic arrays.

At 43% to 58%, the space program will begin launching satellites into Earth's orbit.

At 59% to 74%, the space program will develop and launch unmanned probes into space.

At 75% to 91%, the space program will be able to do manned mission using a reusable shuttle.

At 92% and over, the space program will have enough money to construct its own space station.

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