Stability is a public services simulation value in Democracy 3 Africa.

Description Edit

The stability of the state. This is a measure of how stable the incumbent regime is in your nation, taking into account a broad range of indicators to assess the risk of collapse. Instability will have an impact on foreign relations, investment and tourism, and indicates that there are fundamental issues with your country's governance.

Causes Edit

Simulation values Edit

Dilemmas Edit

Events Edit

  • Election Flawed, -20%
  • Election Free And Fair, 20%
  • Election Result Challenged!, -20%
  • Extreme Demonstration, -50%
  • Extremists Declare Independence!, -20%
  • Government Official Assassinated!, -20%
  • Leader Dies Suddenly!, -15%
  • Leader Facing Criminal Charges!, -30%
  • Leader Flees Country!, -30%
  • Minister Resigns, -5%
  • Opposition Leader Assassinated!, -30%
  • Opposition Members Persecuted, -30%
  • Opposition Members Stage Walkout!, -20%
  • Polling Station Withdrawal!, -15%
  • Protesters Killed!, -30%
  • Regional Integration Deal Ratified, 10%
  • Regional War!, -15%

Effects Edit

Voter groups Edit

  • Environmentalist membership, -5.75% to 6.5%, 16 inertia

Simulation values Edit

Situations Edit

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