Funding Stem Cell Research is a policy where the government legalizes and funds research into stem cells, biological cells which have the capability of producing a variety of different cells used in the body.

This research can provide commercial benefits - increasing the GDP by up to 6.5% - and can extend the average Lifespan by up to 3%. Unfortunately, because some kinds of stem cell research require the creation and destruction of human embryos to harvest stem cells from, religious and/or conservative citizens often protest against any form of stem cell research.

Description Edit

A stem cell is a primitive type of cell that can be developed into most of the types of cells found in the human body. Some scientists claim that stem cell research offers great hope for curing diseases such as diabetes and multiple sclerosis. However, because stem cells are taken from discarded human embryos, many 'pro-life' and religious groups oppose their usage.

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20 to 160

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