Synthetic Meat Research Grants is a welfare policy in Democracy 3 DLC Clones and Drones.

Description Edit

Overfarming, droughts and population growth result in increases in meat prices. Synthetic production can make meat affordable for the masses. Farmers are opposed, as food production moves from the field to the lab.

Implementation time Edit


Political Capital Edit

Introduction cost Edit


Cancel cost Edit


Raise cost Edit


Lower cost Edit


Potential Costs Edit

90 to 1300 (reduced by Stem Cell Research by up to 30%)

Potential Income Edit


Effects Edit

  • Food Price (-10% to -18%, 12 inertia)
  • Farmer opinion (-15% to -30%)
  • Farmer earnings (0% to -12%, 14 inertia)
  • Farmer membership (-5% to -18%, 8 inertia)
  • Poor earnings (8% to 13%, 12 inertia)
  • Environmentalist opinion (-5% to -10%)

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