A Technology Backwater is a negative economy situation in which a nation becomes known for its lack of scientific advancement and its reliance on obsolete technology, harming its GDP by up to 30%.

One of the biggest causes of backwaters is a low Literacy rate, although a lack of public Science Funding or the teaching of Creationism in schools can also give a nation a reputation for poor advancement. A change in funding levels or curriculum can help solve the problem, as will funding a Space Program, permitting Stem Cell Research, enacting Tax Shelters to attract wealthy elites, and giving out Technology Grants and/or University Grants. These policies might not only fix the backwater but even replace it with a Technological Advantage over time.

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Our industry is based too much on old technology, and this is hurting our competitiveness abroad, and therefore affecting the countries GDP and wealth. We need to make some serious investment in technology and hi-tech skills if we are to lift our economy up to match our competitors.

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Our economy is outdated in terms of technology which is having a bad effect on our competitiveness.

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Great news! The center for technology and business has announced that our nation is no longer perceived as being 'backwards' in technological terms. This will be welcome news for the economy, as it opens up opportunities for technology investment.

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  • GDP, -0% to -16%