Vertical Farm Subsidies is an economy policy in Democracy 3 DLC Clones and Drones.

Description Edit

Farmland is getting rare but recent inventions in architecture and agriculture could easily be bundled to make vertical farming in cities feasible. Food production in vertical farms requires more resources but reduced transport costs mitigate that problem.

Implementation time Edit


Political capital Edit

Introduction cost Edit


Cancel cost Edit


Raise cost Edit


Lower cost Edit


Potential cost Edit

400 to 1800

Potential income Edit


Effects Edit

Voter groups Edit

  • Farmer opinion 5% to 26%
  • Farmer membership 2% to 14%, 3 inertia
  • Farmer income 0% to 15%, 6 inertia
  • Capitalist opinion -2% to -4%

Simulation values Edit

Situations Edit


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